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Special Guests in Quebec City

It's during the week of February 27th that Quebec was visited by a group of Brazilian swine producers, chosen as delegates by sixteen Brazilian businesses. They were with three of their sponsors and five swine producers of Genetiporc Brazil. The trip was organized by Genetiporc to introduce the new Fertilis 25 female and to demonstrate what the business could bring to Brazilian producers. Conception Ro-Main and Jyga Concept were the two Canadian sponsors of this event.

During those three days, the organizing committee had arranged tour of farms, business meeting, conference and cultural events. On this occasion; Ro-Main showed their products to their visitors. Amongst other things, clients had the chance to discover the operation of the ISS, the Pigwatch, the Contact-O-Max and of the Hercule's arm, those last three being the favorites of the Brazilian team. Moreover, once back in Brazil a journalist will write articles in two of Brazil's most important pork production magazines.

That visit allowed to create strong business relationship with Brazilian producers that will for sure continue during Ro-Main's visit in Brazil next April and in September 2012, when they will participate in the Pork Expo show. Let's note that the sixteen Brazilian businesses that were in Quebec represent more than 929,000 sows.

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