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The EPI System is lauchning

Ro-Main has taken the opportunity of the « Journée des innovations » that took place at the Levis’ Congress Center to introduce in Quebec the: Innovation 2012 for the porcine and poultry producers.

The EPI system allows enhancing the air quality by reducing dust, ammonia and H2S in your installation. By doing so, it will give your pigs a faster growth and will improve their well-being and their health.

A study from Murphy-Brown (LLC) USA, had results that were very conclusive. Five test runs were done in a nursery on 22,077 piglets: 12.2% increase of the daily weight gain, 9.3% increase of weight over 45 days, 26.1% reduction of the dead rate.

The study also showed a reduction of: 55% of the level of ammonia, 18.9% of the odor threshold, 58.6% of the Hydrogen Sulfite (H2S), 57.7% of the dust particles floating in the air.

We are proud to announce that we will be the exclusive distributors of this new product developed in the United States. At RO-MAIN, THE FUTURE IS NOW!

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