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Ro-main's Brazil Promotional Tour

Serge Labrecque and Pascal Forest from Conception Ro-Main spent 2 weeks in Brazil last April on an intensive business tour. They visited their distributor Big Dutchman and reseller Bretanha, who had set for them a busy meeting agenda, with eight major Brazilian prospective customers, whose production facilities all together are known to account for more than 800,000 sows.

That visit to South America will have permitted Ro-Main's representatives to better assess Brazil's market potential, actively promote some of their key products, namely PigWatch, Contact-O-Max and Hercule's Arm, and on the same token, establish important business relationship with key Brazilian customers.
That business tour was part of a continuum process following several pig barn technology presentations that took place in the province of Quebec during the week of February 27, 2012. Some Brazilian pig producers were specially invited guests, who like Ro-Main, participated to Génétiporc's launching event of their Fertilis 25.
Very soon, Pascal Forest will return to Curitiba, Brazil to participate to the June 26-28, 2012 Brazilian Pork Expo.

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