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PigWatch System is Launched!

PigWatch system is now being launched onto the market!

Press Release


09.09.09 - Pigwatch, the greatest pig production and AI technological revolution of all times is now being launched onto the market. Welcome to the world of perfect artificial insemination!

After four years of painstaking research, sustained field testing and improvement, PigWatch computerized AI management system is finally made available to pig producers.

Day and night, Pigwatch relentlessly monitors post-weaning heat related sow movements; its powerful logarithm determines precisely every productive sow heat cycle and fixes the optimal time of insemination for each of them.

Consequently, producers can now realistically bring down their number of semen doses to an average of 1.5 doses, while increasing their fertility rates. PigWatch definitely eliminates useless AI's and systematic heat detection.


Pigwatch performance is now so amazing that even its Italian inventor himself is totally stunned by its outstanding results. « Such performance is way beyond my own expectations », said Mr. Signorini, a former IBM engineer.


Serge Labrecque, President and General Director of Conception Ro-Main, the officially assigned Canadian worldwide distributor of Pigwatch, confidently summarises his thoughts claiming that such an invention couldn't have been brought to the market in a better time to benefit the swine industry. Mr. Labrecque briefly comments: «In such a period of challenging economy, Pigwatch can only help pig producers to decrease their production costs and increase their herd performance rapidly ».


Even before being officially launched onto the market, Pigwatch had already been awarded the 2007 France Innov'Space Three Star Prize and the April 2008 Congrès du Porc du Québec Innovation Prize.


For more information, check our on-line PigWatch comprehensive brochure or attached PDF documentation.

Contact:                      Maude Filion

Ro-Main's  Information Release Officer    418.475.6566

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