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Hanover, Germany, November 15, 2010 - The Quebec-based swine barn technologies enterprise Conception Ro-Main and the worldwide giant Big Dutchman have just signed an exclusive agreement for the distribution of two of Ro-Main’s key products, namely the Contact-O-Max and PigWatch, in more than 100 countries.


Already present in more than twenty countries, Conception Ro-Main is now joining the major European players, and will soon have its two featured products sold to swine breeders on the 5 continents.


Contact-o-Max, the most efficient sow stimulation system on the market, was initially introduced to the public in 1999, and PigWatch, a revolutionary state-of-the-art computerized sow insemination system, was launched onto the market ten years later.


Even if the industry’s traditional markets are still experiencing difficult times, emerging markets such as Russia and China are growing very rapidly. For example, Russia can only satisfy 40% of its own pork meat needs, which makes it a very promising market for technologies and know-how.


Having focused its core sales activities on those specific markets over the last two years, Ro-Main is now in a favorable strategic position for a major breakthrough, since Big Dutchman is known to be one of the key players in the distribution of pig barn equipment in Russia, China and Brazil.

« Contact-O-Max and PigWatch are two major innovations for the swine industry that allow breeders to inseminate sows at the right moment, every time and all the time. I believe that it is the unique character of our products that has permitted us to be able to sign a worldwide distribution agreement with BigDutchman Pig Equipment. » says Ro-Main’s CEO Serge Labrecque.


Big Dutchman is doing so good, that it has seen its sales growing from $240M in 2000 to about $830M this year.


This multinational company that was founded in 1938 in Germany, now counts as many as 1500 employees around the world. Big Dutchman also invents and develops its own pig and poultry feed systems, and farm equipments.

« I see these two products coming together to help breeders get more piglets from their herd. » says Mr. Bo Molin, Big Dutchman Senior General Manager.


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  PRESS RELEASE November 15, 2010

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