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« The 2012 AgroFarm Best Product Prize » in Russia

Conception Ro-Main is proud to announce to the international swine breeder community, that their novelty product, the Intelligent Surveillance System for piglets (ISS), has won the «Best Product Prize» at the 2012 AgroFarm Show in Russia.

Such an honor adds to the pride of Conception Ro-Main who has designed and developed this comprehensive solution, which has now proven to be able to meet pig producers' highest expectations. Ro-Main's ISS system optimizes the productivity and profitability of pig herds, yielding a larger number of live weaned piglets, while improving the overall health and well being of piglets and sows as well.

Mr. Serge Labrecque, President and General Director of Conception Ro-Main also claims that their exclusive system can save as much as 75% of electricity costs, when compared to traditional heat lamp systems.

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